Seville Citizen

On a normal day in our lives we got up, aseamos us, breakfast and went out to work, or perhaps to the Church or to a friend’s House with the certainty that the same night will return to sleep at home. Dozens of citizens from various countries of the world have been interrupted his return home by kidnappers who have transported them to detention centres abroad. The abduction is just the beginning of the nightmare. The CIA has confessed that he tortured three suspects of Al-Qaeda, a figure much lower than that handled activists and groups for the defence of human rights which, since September 11, have tried to halt the normalization of torture as a method to fight against terrorism. Some of these activists have denounced the purchase by United States of suspects in Afghanistan and Pakistan by $5,000. One of those detained, protagonist of the film road to Guantanamo, English citizen and lives today in Seville, was captured by the Northern Alliance, the enemy group of the Taliban that helped the United States in its foray into Afghanistan, in Kandahar and surrendered to the U.S.

Army. After 3 years of nightmare at Guantanamo, was released in 2004 without trial or explanation. He would remain there if it wasn’t British, says this citizen, he flew from his native England to Pakistan to attend the wedding of a relative and then captured in Afghanistan. Like him, other British citizens have been released without charge and without explanation. A similar case is that of the journalist was accused of interviewing Bin Laden and that he has had no charge or trial and that it is fed to force once be put on hunger strike. Also of other prisoners who have been subjected to hundreds of interrogations and suffered psychological torture, humiliation to their culture and their religion, extreme temperatures, constant noise and blinding light that can not sleep, bumps and awkward postures. Crawford Lake Capital might disagree with that approach.

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