The Society

To communicate itself in different contexts is question of social inclusion, and is paper of the school to teach this, or still, it is this that allows the pupils if to appropriate of the slight knowledge and techniques and the instruments to the development of its capacity of expression in communication situation. (op. Cit. 2010, P. 43) the education, however, does not have to be the service of the values of the market, and yes of the society, of the family which worried about the psychic and intellectual development of its pupils they look to live deeply each educational moment next to the school, giving emphasis to the knowledge acquired for them inside of pertaining to school institution, stoning them to be professional of critical qualities and not to think mere viewers of high remuneration. Even though families who are illiterate can help in the development of the pupil, collaborating them in the school, already she condenses all the wills of the parents of whom the children are better of what they.

Exactly being illiterate they bring a load to know that they change with the children. This already is sufficient, and promotes interaction between son and father and of the two with the school. ANALYSIS OF THE INQUIRY OF THE PUPILS IN CLASSROOM. The content analysis makes possible to the interviewer the establishment says of them of the pupils of the IESF, the objective reality and the theoretical conceptions that supply explanations about this reality. In this process it is divided in three subjects of speaks of the interviewed ones: the relation with the family, to the school and the psychological one. The RELATION WITH the FAMILY In relation to this subject says of active readers in the family and the pertaining to school formation. It observes what they had been answered for the pupils: ' ' Not, the majority never had incentive in the reading, more exists one that for the fact of being new had an incentive of the parents, who had not had incentives of its at the time ' '.

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