National University

He was sitting in the offices of the CEM, an afternoon and suddenly begins to spread a rumor in the corridors of the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Trujillo a rumor? Yes, a strong rumor!, they said that the proof of the written exam of medicine IV had gone before the exam and that some students had succeeded illicitly, in the same year he presided over the promotion and also presided over the EMF, so I immediately went to the offices of the Department of medicine at the Regional Hospital and actually found myself gathered teachers and talking that topic, themselves immediately made me enter the report of such rumor I heard from them, the suspicion was based on 80% of students who had surrendered the exam had obtained very high scores and had a group of students who could not obtain as high depending on your academic history Note, also suspiciously incorrectly answered questions are repeated in a thickness number of students, the teaching staff had concluded that the written test had been plagiada by the students and that this group would be led to the postponed, at the time of my intervention, replacement of surprise, quickly I raised some observations that I defended students of which precisely was their advocate. First everything was subjective, possible but subjective field. A bad pupil or a few bad students, if they could get a good result in an exam, studying, copying or Champeando, i.e. not acusemos, but there is concrete and conclusive evidence. Second, in the event that had been plagiarized from the test, this crime was not necessarily only possible by students, could have been committed by a teacher, having said this, a little that were altered, shamelessly, I however mentioned that there was a teacher who met with students and even took some drinks with them and that in those days taught medicine at a Posta remnants in the high esperanza-parte – and that was also contract and at that time was precisely the course Coordinator and responsible for the test, said This fell silent. .

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