Annual Review Of The Company Plus-film Technique

A success-winning year for the complete provider around film and advertising technology operation plus foil technique looks back on a strong growth in 2011. “Despite of significantly below-average sales with solar control films due to the cool summer, so owner Kai Bauer. Both turnover and profit increased across significant throughout the year and the product portfolio has been expanded. The steady expansion of the subspace advertising technology, the company stands on a solid base and by the extension of the product portfolio and services can a significant additional benefit offered offered customers. So also the Komplettfolierung is offered, for example, now about a partner company of vehicles, the trend-setting method of direct plate printing was absorbed into the portfolio and complements the service e.g. a weekend and evening service.

Also, the company is now represented in social networks such as Facebook or Google +. Through the cooperation with the company of MHS Industrial climber Markus Heeb from Gross-Rohrheim can be coated well window with foil, which are not accessible by platform. Plus foil technique is also supported since November 2011 the sales professional Wilhelm Vogel in daily sales. Throughout the year, several new customers, particularly in the public sector were acquired, as well as many well-known companies, especially from the region of Mainz, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt and Darmstadt. There were several major orders in 2011 – for example the foiling of approximately 600 Windows in the castle of Aschaffenburg with a UV protective film among the highlights, to protect the others exhibited valuable paintings from the harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Other major projects were Folienmontagen at a leading financial services company in Frankfurt as a Wiesbaden insurance company with frosted glass foil, as effective privacy protection in the offices. The plus foil technology focuses on the installation of window films for buildings such as Visual protection films, which are usually mounted as frosted glass foil or glass decor, solar control films, splinter protection films and digital printing. But also areas such as vehicle labels, as well as products from the advertising technology such as signs, tarpaulins and advertising structures have recorded a significant increase. In the year 2012 are already making some changes. There will be an own advertising technology catalog plus film technology in the coming months, and in February the offer will include a new printing process, which completely new potential offers of production. More information can be found under. Plus-film technology offers high-quality solutions for the film and advertising technology. The range of products ranges from building glass slides (such as tinting, Visual protection films, frosted glass foil, UV-protective film, mirror films, safety and security films, etc.) to all providing the advertising technology (about labels, signs, planning, banner or ad plants of any size). Plus foil technology established since 2006 as an innovative service provider with numerous other service and services, up down to a full-service supplier. Most orders come from the Rhine-Main region, as well as between the metropolitan areas of Mainz, Wiesbaden, Bad Kreuznach, Koblenz, Frankfurt, Hanau, Aschaffenburg and Darmstadt. Contact: Plus foil technology INH. Kai Bauer Langschieder way 19 65321 Heidenrod Tel.: 06124-7276700 fax: 06124-7276701 mobile: 0176-22775457 plus foil technology provides a comprehensive portfolio consisting of: sunscreen, anti-glare film, UV protective film, sight protector, glass foil, shading, lettering, vehicle lettering, signs, window lettering, advertising structures, planning, banner, anti graffiti film, splinter protection film, impact inhibition end foil mirror protection film, sticker, digital prints, double adhesive tape, Elektrosmogfolie, Antireflection film, magnetic foil, projection screen, mirror foil, Board slide, Whiteboardfolie, wall decals

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