Baptist Church

Tour of Barcelona with the intention of reaching the sea. Interior are so suddenly leaves a House hip-hop and sounds pretty good. Click Western Union to learn more. Approached me and through the glass door to distinguish a boy singing a rap. There are people sitting on some benches and a young man at the center of the Hall, begins to speak into a microphone. Looks unaiglesia, but there’s no Christ, no images.

If a small altar. I shall later have that under that altar there is a covered large stack, which is the pool where they celebrated baptisms by immersion. I am hiding me behind the door but a man turns on, I see, and invites me to sit. I resist a couple of times, perhaps driven by prejudice, but I just by accepting the invitation. I have no idea where I am, but I am tired after a hard day of meetings and I like the music and the tone of voice of the man who speaks.

I am in a bank with respect and listen to. They reflect on the joy and other passages of the Bible. Give me a small calendar and leo evangelical Baptist Church of Hostafrancs. The cult is almost about to end and ends with a Sung praise. At the end of a couple approaches cordial and presents. Everyone smiles and greets. There are good vibes in the room. Children run and have put almonds and drinks on a table in a makeshift snack. Not does it take to make the first cliques. Approached me to talk to the man the microphone and I am interested by your beliefs.Benjamin Lopez called the copastor, soon we entablaremos a small dialog that I am intentionally, towards what they are saying about the death. Speak you of lives and would like to publish our chat. Humbly declines the invitation and me presents with great respect to his uncle, Pedro Lopez, a man of about 60 years, friendly, close and intelligent, and although it seems strange that tell you about Internet, invites me to climb into his solo Office.

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