Brotherhood Bush

Later, the Society of Thule selected Hitler as its leader of the New World-wide Order, as Eckhart disclosed in its stream bed of death, saying, ' ' They follow Hitler, it will dance, but I touched music. Initiated I it in the Private Doctrine, April its centers of vision, and I gave the ways to it to communicate itself with poderes.' ' Trevor Ravencroft, The Spear of Destiny, pg 91. In August of 1990, then North American president George Bush announced that the world was entering in a New World-wide Order. Bush is an adept in an American Society of Brotherhood of the Death, the Skull and Caps Caveira and Ossos, that he exists in the University of Yale. As we mention previously, the New World-wide Order of Bush is virtually same type to the one of Hitler; the connection-key point is the common participation in its respective Society of Brotherhood of the Death. Bill Cooper, Behold the Pale Horse, pg 81; Anthony Sutton, Introduction you the Order, pg 7. As Member of this Private Society Hitler had the astrology and the geomancia in high account, it consulted and them before its destructive attacks, insanes. By the way, all the attacks had been made following the geomnticas lines of force (techniques of adivinhao for the comment of the ground) and telluric (current electric of low frequency and that it covers great areas of the planet).

They can be manipulated and controlled, through determined monuments; pyramids, domus, obeliscos, etc. the consultation to the pendulum and the rabdomancia to know the position of the boats allies was something usual. The biographies of Hitler tell that it had a demonic pact with the kingdom of the darknesses, and offered the burnt Jews, in holocausto, the ovens of the concentration camps. These offerings had as intenso to acquire more power to twirl the sustica, mstico symbol of being able malignant, on all inverted the Europe and thus to conquer the world.

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