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With the creation of the ambient politics, the society starts to change its behavior, and in such a way it is spread out what ‘ is called; ‘ culture ambiental’ ‘. These politics had provided the diffusion of what ‘ was called; ‘ the culture of the Rs’ ‘ , mentioning the initial consonant to it of some used words in the ambient management, which are; to reduce, to reuse, to recycle, to refuse, refil, to repeat, to repair, to attenuate, to demand, to return, among others (BLACKSMITH, 2003). Gobbi and Brito (2005) detach that the debates around the ambient question had gained express social legitimacy, the point of if becoming object of reflection of the organizations, that had started to rethink its practical of production and to formulate politics of ambient management. It standes out itself that the normalization, was clear the definition of industrial pollution, as any alterations of the physical, chemical or biological properties of the environment, caused for any type of substance, either solid, liquid, gaseous or any element capable to cause other varied damages the population, flora, fauna among others (ANTUNES, 2004). According to publication of Souza and Silva ( Vestibule), the humanity inherited an accumulation of 3,8 billion years of capital: remaining the current standards of use and degradation, much little has to remain until the end of century XXI. Considering the recent economic crisis, that as much has worried the world-wide population and governments, nobody it perceives that more money with the disappearance of the forests of what is being lost with the current global financial crisis, as collusions of a study ordered for the European Union. The research was carried through by an economist of the Deutsche Bank, that it calculated that annual wastefulnesses with the deforestation vary a US$ band 5 trillions. To arrive itself at these numbers, it is necessary to know that the services of storage of water and the regulation of the carbon cycle, among others, carried through gratuitously for the nature, create condition for a healthful environment, offering not only to clean water and air, rains, oceanic, alone productivity fertile and elasticity of the fluvial basins, as well as certain valued, imprencidveis functions less for the maintenance of the support, such as: ) the processing of residues (natural and industrial); b) the protection against the extremities of the climate; c) atmospheric regeneration..

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