EUR Excess

The USD/JPY pair could breaking the resistance level in the area of the 98.00 to the day. 4% Rise in oil crude rebounded and won $2, 4% during the day yesterday, reaching $51.44. This increase occurred despite data from the published inventories of crude oil. Much of this phenomenon was due to the fall of the dollar, and optimism for a possible global economic recovery. The data coming from China, Japan, Europe and United States during the last 2 days managed to return confidence in the stock market and in the result commodities.Como of this optimism, several investors bet on crude oil. The fall of the dollar also benefited oil. It will now be a matter of time to see if oil will achieve kept rising. You can short term crude oil keep rising.

However, today with the publication of the American Unemployment Claims, may it not happen. It may crude oil subsides and today reaches $50.50. News technical EUR/USD yesterday the pair developed an upward trend. Chart 4 hours, is observed to the IHR in excess of purchases. Also, slow stochastic implies a low. A bearish correction is impending. On the hourly chart, Bollinger bands become narrow. It would go in short be right thing to do today.

GBP/USD in the 4-hour chart, the wire found in excess of purchases through the RSI and slow stochastic support the bearish notion. Probably happens a downward correction. It would be advisable to go short. USD/JPY pair did not break the 98.00 area, it is estimated that the upward trend will continue. The daily graphic, shows the slow stochastic with an upward trend, so rising takes place. The RSI is in excess of sales. Go in length would be wise. USD/CHF the recent upward trend led IHR in the 4 hours chart to placed in excess of sales, so a bullish correction will take place. The slow stochastic supports this notion. Go in length would be wise. The letter of the day after rising yesterday, observed the present commodity oil shows signs bassists. The 4-hour chart shows a bearish formation. An excess of purchases is also observed. This could be exploited by investors and go short with crude oil.

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