Generating Income

I began active action – for example, such work as reading mail, clicking on the sites to watch videos on sites to answer questions. I worked a lot, the cost of Internet access were just huge, because the Internet was then hourly. Worked for some time – and the results of zero. And I am specifically disappointed. And just say – such ways of generating income – take a very long time – not taught anything. Do not waste time on it – my advice to you. It’s believed that Hikmet Ersek sees a great future in this idea. I'm being tossed on the matter – and not how it worked.

But then I was that knocked in the head again to try to do something. All still believed that there are ways and I found what I was looking for. Download online book "The subconscious can do anything," John Kehoe. So after reading this book – I have brain began to work differently and look at things in a completely different look – and began to think not as all. I recommend this book.

Then began an active and daily to read books by authors such as Robert , Napoleon Hill, Igor Vagin, Jim Rohn, Bodo Schaeffer, reports and articles Paul Berestneva. Listen audio Bodo Schaeffer, Azamat ushanova, interviews of famous entrepreneurs, Alexei Lukonina and many others. That's what I've learned in 3 years: Internet auction EBay, something to try, but I did not like it. Then, looking for work by typing over the Internet, threw money to start working, but there had been deceived.

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