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So Oliver Wyman says a report by the consulting firm. Adicae ensures that nearly 4 million Spaniards are paying more for their mortgage due to abusive clauses soil. The real estate crisis and the fall in the price of homes has meant inability to pay his mortgage, and consequently embargoes and executions for many. They are denouncing it from the platform affected by the mortgage, Adicae, unions and other organizations of users and consumers. Others weather the storm as best they can.

And doing so is difficult when it is due to Bank more than in reality worth floor which has been purchased and that it continues to pay religiously. Currently, more than 250,000 families due to their bank or box by the mortgage more than what it is worth the House they inhabit. Assures it a study by the consulting firm Oliver Wyman, which the newspaper Cinco Dias has echoed. Two years ago, the number of Spanish families that owed to the Bank by the mortgage the House, more than what the House is worth were 100,000, less than half that now. It is, today, 250,000 families who still to pay more than what currently is worth your floor (money would earn if they were sold or auctioned in a procedure for non-payment). Mortgages and unfair terms and prices continue to fall. Banks and savings banks are still offering mortgage loans of very long duration (up to 40 years) and in very similar conditions to those offered at the time of fat cows (over 80% of the appraised value) for housing than they themselves offered for sale.

The situation is aggravated, moreover, because many Spaniards are paying more for their mortgage due to abusive clauses soil, according to estimates by Adicae, already in 2008 affected 3.834.095 consumers. So far, 101 financial entities have been sued by Adicae. To eliminate these situations, a legislative reform that includes a series of far-reaching measures mortgage becomes indispensable. Source the news: 250,000 families due to the Bank for your mortgage more than it would be worth the House to sell it.

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