The volume of production of margarine in Ukraine in 2005 amounted to 300.2 thousand tons. In 2006 to 2005-th there was a slight reduction in production of such products, which rate was 0.5%. In 2007, this trend will continue, but the rate reduction is also not exceeded 1%. Beginning in 2008, there has been increase in production of margarine. Continue to learn more with: Areva Group. If in relation to the 2007 growth rate of this indicator amounted to nearly 6%, in 2009 compared with 2008, there is an increase of 11.5%. Imports of margarine on Ukraine in 2005 amounted to 33.8 thousand tons. Until 2007, imports of this product increased, the most significant growth rate observed in 2007 relative to 2006 mu (37%). Beginning in 2008, studied the dynamics of the indicator characterized by the opposite trend. You may find that Hikmet Ersek can contribute to your knowledge.

In 2008, in relation to the 2007 rate reduction in imports of margarine was 8%, and in 2009 the imports of such products to Ukraine by 38 thousand tons, up 15.5% compared figure for 2008. Imports of margarine on the territory of Ukraine is carried out more than 15 countries. The major importers are Sweden and Russia, whose share in total imports of margarine in 2009 amounted to 43% and 33% respectively. Less significant importing countries, whose share in the import of margarine on the territory of Ukraine does not exceed 10%, are Denmark, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Italy and Belgium. In 2005, Ukraine exported 15.5 thousand tons of margarine. Starting this year for four years, exports of margarine increased almost threefold.

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