Normal Business Partner

Marketing consultant Hagen Stoll warns against business risks you are the giants of the Internet. Billions of dollars worth even though they actually give away their core service. As search engine, relationship portal or messages spin these services reach more and more people and make more important is as communication platforms for companies. “Here comes a dependency that is very dangerous for businesses.” warns business and marketing consultant Hagen Stoll. Many companies have been long depending on their placement in Google. The first companies have closed their own Web site in favor of a Facebook fan page. Customer dialogs and dialog processes transferred to Twitter. “Everything beautiful, as long as it works,” confirmed Stoll “but woe, the Giants suddenly make use of their power.” Web sites suddenly disappear from the search engine rankings, Facebook pages are just closed Facebook, Twitter channels closed down.

This company is reserved in free arbitrariness and design their own terms and conditions, discretion to intervene in the competition. Without notice, without giving reasons, communication to the customer groups is simply truncated. Behind it is a global network of “Guardians of order”, who are officially looking for participants who are not properly observe the applicable terms and conditions at any point. Who falls into a trap here, admonished according to discretion of the respective operator in the luckiest case or simply wiped from the scene. “These are no normal business partners. You can just call and complain that a service is not properly provided, for one has not even paid money. There is no real contact. No phone numbers.

In most cases not even a branch in the country. Ultimately, only trying to ask to let the major channel, but please, laboriously for forgiveness and mercy on the support pages of the vendor remains for those affected Please unlock. The lucky succeeds who for weeks Finally, had. The legal action is here little promising. Who has invested much time and money into these channels, there suddenly just pretty dumb.”reported Hagen Stoll. However, recommends the Advisor not to do without these services. Stoll is also no evil intention by Google, Facebook, Twitter and similar services behind it. In the worst case, it was an immense hunger for power and to rapid growth, the business ethics and service processes can hardly follow in these houses. Stoll recommends the company to avoid a particular dependency from a provider with a skillful networking of as many such services, and to make communication success on many different pillars. “Just the small businesses must take care that they are not all on a map. Who is this addictive and suddenly disappears from such channels, which usually not long it without the missing revenue? The a site. The a Facebook fan page.

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