Retail Trade Problems

First, the increased level of customer service, which inevitably led to a rise in the cost of trading processes. Second, increasing competition between commercial enterprises because of the struggle for the buyer is accompanied by reduced trade margins. Both these processes lead to a decrease in profitability of trade. Themselves lost in the transition to self-service stores increased. Now, with free access of goods to the trading floor not only stolen goods thrive "buyers", but also significantly increased the number of thefts of unfair personnel, felt a certain freedom and impunity. Thus, the profitability of trading enterprises has decreased.

One way to increase profitability of trade – the reduction of losses in the trading business. The analysis of more than 500 thousand unsecured commercial enterprises overseas and domestic experts showed that all the losses ranged from 1 to 3% of turnover. At low profitability of trade is about 20 – 25% of net profits. Losses from theft Ukrainian trading company referred to as trade secrets, and each solves the problem of theft on its own. Because of the secrecy is very difficult to judge the extent of thefts in the retail sector in Ukraine. According to indirect estimates, losses from theft of the Ukrainian commercial enterprises ranging from 0.25 to 5% of annual turnover. Themselves representatives of the domestic retail business estimate the losses in 0.5-3% of turnover, which is approximately the same as the average statistic. In the retail chains, groaning, ready to write off a variety of theft and 4% overall costs. World and domestic experience shows that the percentage of losses in the stores is doubling every 14 years. It is easy to calculate that without taking the necessary steps to sell in 2022 will be just at a loss! Specialists argue that completely do away with theft in retail can not be, but it is quite possible to reduce losses to a minimum.

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