Snow Ball

A way is mentioned to it to get answers to the questions for a formula that the proper informer preenche' '. Only to the study of religious marketing as forms of strategies in its action by means of marketing tools. 4,1 POPULATION AND SAMPLE Population are a part of a called set of population that has as bedding a representation of to be studied sample. It is treated to define all population and the amostral population. It is understood here for population not I number of inhabitants of a place, as wide the term is known, but a set of elements (company, products, people, for example) that they possess the characteristics that will be objects of studies. Population or sample is a part of the universe (population) chosen as some criteria of representation. (Vergara, 2000, pg. 50) In this case the Work has as sample purpose the evanglica church Snow Ball Maring – PR.

4,2 INSTRUMENT OF COLLECTION OF DATA the data will be collected in the applied form form. ' ' The form is a way between the questionnaire and the interview, but you are who designate the answers you will be answered verbally. (Vergara, 2000, pg., 55) the questions will be closed of multiple choice, and to the end it will be computed and tabulated for the elaboration of graphs represented for tables. On the optics of the religious marketing and through this research, the strategies of marketing had been analyzed practical and adopted by the evanglica church Snow Ball of Maring? PR. 4REVISO BIBLIOGRAPHICAL 4.1ANTROPOLOGIA the Anthropology in the normal dialect means the study of the man, and as stories it was born with the Herdoto Greek, in century V B.C. that was called the Father of the Anthropology, however the anthropology if consolidated with Kant defined who it as ' ' the doctrine of the knowledge commanded and systematic of homem' ' , but to speech in anthropology it has that to take itself in consideration that it is the study of the primitive man (homo sapiens), its classification and its characteristics in agreement the time and the space, its culture and way to think.

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