Solarworld Energy

Hummel House installed photovoltaic system Frickenhausen, 17.05.2013 – Georg Wagner has its roots GmbH & co. KG company in 1902. In subsequent years, the company is increasing. New branches opened as well as new bearing. The next big steps take place in the years 1997 and 2002. First, the storage capacities be increased by building measures 4,000 square meters. All 1,500 m of own storage space make cooling and deep-freeze rooms since then.

The growth of the company creates new challenges. So, the energy requirements of operations mainly due to the large refrigerated and frozen surfaces has grown continuously. A future-proof solution must be found. At the end of the year 2011 Uwe Friedrich Ladwig decides to meet the challenge of rising energy costs with the installation of a high-performance photovoltaic system. This measure is intended to permanently independent from the current price development the company. As quality and sustainability central elements of company history who is looking for Uwe Friedrich Ladwig a craft operating from the region, who has exactly these features for this project. After an intensive investigation the CEO chooses Hummel House and its modules by Solarworld finally that.

It applies to virtually every decision to assess accurately how she long term will affect on the company’s development. Also it is connected not only the customers and employees, but also the people in the region and the local company”, reported Uwe Friedrich Ladwig. The Hummel House offers us the best overall package. The company comes from the region, is fast at our on-site, knows the wishes and needs of medium and offers high quality products together with a skilled team at a reasonable price.” In addition to the costs and technical facts, especially the experience of the Hummel system House with comparable projects convinced the Managing Director. Several times, the team from Frickenhausen has medium-sized Companies it helped to make regardless of the rising energy costs and the price dictates of the energy provider.

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