(PUTNAM, 1997) 5.1.4 Resolver the problem For the resolution of the problem that generated the conflict all the solutions must be considered and weighed, as possible. All the intervening ones of the conflict must be felt free of being able to present its solutions, most strange and exactly unacceptable. (PUTNAM, 1997). Of followed the presentation of the justificativos arguments, the solutions to be able is necessary to be analyzed and weighed in detail. The parts must demonstrate an active attitude, to prevent that the solution is determined for the vote, having to mutually encourage itself to display all critical and the relative doubts to some solutions. Findo the presentation of solution, the quarrel and analysis, follows it choice of that better it satisfies the interests of the involved ones, and that its execution is viable. (ALMEIDA, 1995) 5,2 STYLES OF MANAGEMENT OF CONFLICTS the strategies can in accordance with be classified two basic ortogonais dimensions: assertividade (degree where the part tries to satisfy its interests proper) and the cooperation (degree where the part tries to satisfy the interest of the other). Of the crossing between the two dimensions five styles result.

: competition, room, commitment, contribution and evitamento. (WEDGE, 1998) 1 competition? It reflects the attempt to satisfy the proper interests to the cost of the interests of the other. The individual tries to reach its objectives being sacrificed of the adversary, or tries to convince to another part of that its judgment is correct, or tries to make with that to another part it has accepted the guilt for some trespass and assumes the consequentes responsibilities. (adapted of I water, ARMNIO of Aveiro; 1998) 2 room? It consists of the attempt to satisfy the interests of the other, neglecting the proper ones. Being able to represent the desire to reach the objectives of the counterpart being sacrificed its, or the will to support the contrary opinions, exactly that of them it has reserves, or same the esquecimento of the trespass practised for the other.

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