Tony Buzan

It develops memory, quick, creative thinking, it saves time, paper and energy; It increases productivity, profitability, it involves the brain. It stimulates the reading, study and research. Mind maps help increase your capacity to study and learn better and faster. They are ideal for creative thought processes. It is one of the most important tools to develop creativity, efficiency and productivity of executives, managers, students, professionals and employees of any organization. Mind maps can be applied in all experiential and areas of knowledge, for the resolution of situations, especially recommended at present to resolve aspects of business management and management of life in synthesis are presented below the advantages of mental maps: use the entire brain. Makes it easy to people remembrance and compression. It is effective in terms of the development of memory in people who do mind maps for anyone that is your activity (work, study, etc.).

It allows people to enter new information into the brain easily. Allows people to develop creativity through creative thinking. People can make new connections with the Association of words and images. It allows people a rewarding and fun learning. It saves time, energy and paper. Increase in productivity. The mental maps have an unmatched advantage within the managerial activities, which include: 1.

the idea that intends to develop can be displayed clearly and accurately. 2. The main idea is the central, high schools surround the main. 3 Allows you to remember with more effectiveness the cluster of ideas without mixing with the secondary major. 4. Each mind map is different in essence to another, inasmuch as they are expressed particular ideas with different visions. 5. It is important to leave always open spaces within the map in order to concatenate new ideas that will occur. 6. The criterion for the associative thinking processes through consideration of the rains of ideas, which comprise the set of secondary ideas, on a main idea that works constantly in thought must be retained. Tony Buzan father of mental maps, says that this technique allows you to enter the domains in our mind in a more creative way. Its effect is immediate: help to organize projects in few minutes, stimulates creativity, overcomes the obstacles of written expression and provides an efficient method for the production and exchange of ideas.

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