Winning Team

1. A strong leadership what are the characteristics of a leader? To have a winning team it is crucial to be a strong leader. Leadership implies not only to become guide or example of the team. You need a solid, decisive and assertive leadership. What is your leadership style? Strong leadership does not become an authoritarian boss.

Your team will notice the value you give to what you are doing and will be motivated with your performance. The mark of a strong leader is the passion and the responsibility. The passion is reflected in everything you do, from the way in which you take your profession, business, your personal life. Responsibility is key in making decisions and actions which you undertake. A good leader takes his role and responds clearly and precisely to the results obtained from their decisions. 2 Common goals the goals of the company information that your computer has is necessary so that all walk in one direction. Frequently Jeff Gennette has said that publicly.

If your employees do not know what is the Mission of your business, the current will surely make them wrecked. How to get started? Set your mission and vision of the company. Explains your objectives to your team. Set the context, convey your smart goals in the short and long term. Which are: measurable, achievable and always results-oriented. 3. Rules of the game structure of actions which you undertake with your team must have rules. So the job will be easier and they will develop their work without problems. Design a playing field. He displayed a board game where players move pieces on the Board using a pre-defined schema. Impossible develop the game without rules! 4 Action plan do you have a compass? One of the primary tools in the proper functioning of your computer is having as a basis for the actions you undertake a plan of action. Part of the work is already done, evidenced by the steps above; your computer knows the goals, business goals and how to develop them. Only need to define how it will come to the results. 5. Supporting risk-taking leaves your team take chances. It allows to take decisions further than what is established. A business needs to be in constant growth. If the members of your team decide to exercise their creativity and cooling processes, always calculated way and under the schemes established by the company, you’ll get greater benefits. Your business will certainly reflect an always renewed before your customers. 6. 100% Integration a team that leads toward the goal. If the equipment is outdated and not focused its activities towards a purpose you will not see positive results in your business. A team of passionate, active, motivated, creative, in an environment defined by your business philosophy. What more can you ask as a business owner? It is clear that the union makes the outside. A winning team at 100% will respond to the objectives of your company.

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