Asset Accounting

Users can manage the accounting methodology in the setting of accounting policies, create new sub-sections and analytical accounting. "1C: Enterprise 8" provides solution to all problems facing the financial service company, if the accounting office is fully responsible for accounting at the enterprise, including, for example, an excerpt of primary documents, records of sales, etc. In addition, information about individual activities, commercial and industrial operations, employees can enter related services company, are not accountants. In the latter case, the accounting service is methodical management and control settings, the knowledge base for automatic document reflected in the accounting and tax accounting. This application solution can also be used for reference only financial and tax accounting, and automation problems in other services, such as sales, to solve specialized configurations, or other systems. Subject area, Automated "1C 8 ", illustrated by the following scheme. In "1C: Enterprise 8" is the possibility of sharing with application solutions 1C Trade Management, 1C Salary and Personnel Management", also created on the platform "1C: Enterprise 8".

Accounting "of the document," and typical operations reflect the main way of business transactions in the account is a document input configuration of the primary accounting documents. Except shall be allowed direct entry of individual postings. For group entries I can use standard surgery – a simple automation tool, to quickly and easily customizable by the user. Partionny account Accounting for goods, materials and finished products is implemented in accordance with PBU 5 / 01, "Accounting for Inventories" and guidelines for its use. The following evaluation methods inventory at their disposal: the average cost; at cost of first-time purchase of inventory (FIFO method), and the cost of the most recent purchase of inventory (LIFO method).

Inventory by warehouse may be accrual accounting and accounting for the parties. Inventory can be disabled if you do not need it. Accounting Automated trading account transactions receipts and sales of goods and services. For retailers supported technology works with both automatic and manually operated outlets. Automated accounting commission trade in the goods made on commission, and sent for further implementation. Accounting for transactions in cash flow accounting is automated cash and non- funds, including currency exchange transactions. Automated payments to contractors and individuals accountable. The payments to contractors can be conducted in rubles, and standard units of foreign currency. Asset Accounting and intangible assets is in accordance with PBU 6 / 01, "Accounting for fixed assets" and PBU 14/2000 "Accounting for Intangible Assets." Consideration of the automated cost accounting of goods and services produced by primary and auxiliary production. Automated payroll employees of the company, settlement with employees up to the payment of wages in cash, transfer salaries to individual accounts employees in the bank and deposit. Accounting for economic activities of several organizations in a common information base of "1C: Enterprise 8" provides accounting and tax account number organizations in a common information base, and as individual organizations can act as individual entrepreneurs. It will be convenient in a situation where the economic activity of these organizations are closely linked a: at the same time the current work you can use generic lists of products, partners (business partners), employees, own warehouses, etc., and mandatory reporting form separately. Thanks to the accounting activities of several organizations in a common information base, "1C: Enterprise 8" can be used in smaller organizations, as well as holdings in a complex organizational structure.

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