Assistant Project Manager

Is the establishment and integration of a place not expensive? Thanks to a very effective support the Setup and integration by the Chamber of Commerce and the State Bank of quite easily get. What requirements must the new employees bring? The young employees must come fresh from college. In the Treaty, it is also stated that the innovation Assistant can perform any normal routine work in the company. What expectations do you have in the place of the innovation Assistant”? Because of the innovation Assistant is a young professional from the University, he knows very well with the latest technologies. We sought to examine how our products with this new knowledge can be further optimised. Who is the initiator of the funding program and how is the program funded? The initiator is the Baden-Wurttemberg and encouraged grant to the wage costs for twelve months with up to 30%. How will the project be continued or when and how will the project completed? After 12 The research results are months in our products and our innovation Assistant Project Manager is an innovative IT project.

What hints and tips can you give to other companies on the way, to promote their innovation ability? The so-called innovation vouchers, which grants the Ministry of economy are the easiest way. The optimum GmbH received A, which can be up to two times awarded 2,500 euros for scientific activities in the run-up to the development of an innovative product, an innovation voucher. Mr Mahanty, thank you very much for your responses to the setting of an innovation Assistant! About optimum GmbH, the optimum GmbH develops intelligent database applications, client/server applications, as well as user-friendly software solutions and Web-based applications in the technology factory in Karlsruhe. The optimum GmbH places special emphasis on individual software development, which is optimally matched to the requirements of customers. As independent systems integrator, the company is any manufacturer committed. A special emphasis in the selection of the ever-growing royalty-free open-source products. With a watchful eye for software ergonomics ensures the optimum GmbH thereby, that the applications are as intuitive to use and so user friendly. Reader requests:?OPTIMUM datamanagement solutions GmbH deer Street 12-14 D-76131 Karlsruhe + 49 (0) 721 57 04 495-0 + 49 (0) 721 53 10 284 info(at)

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