Improving Website Design

A confused and saturated navigation options A navigation menu with too many choices, poorly located, badly, in separate sections, repeated content, etc. Would cause you to lose the sense of location, reducing the ability of a productive mobility within the site. Please always give your visitors all the ease and navigation approach for effective. Little or no integration of the site with the benefits of social networking The widespread use of social networks has developed new advertising and promotional opportunities for websites (viral marketing), but has also increased the need for Internet users that the visiting sites that have standard options to share content within social networks of their use and preference. By using templates, popular with a lot of templates or themes available for our CMS, many with graphics and functionality truly impressive, but we must bear in mind that as we exist dozens of sites also chosen, then its use could counterproductive if what we want is to give an original sense of identity, difference and position us favorably in the minds of our users.

Lack of focus on the main subject matter of the number of themes or categories that we address in our site, it is important that there is a strong consistency around the main theme that we developed with the aim of constructing identity that characterize and differentiate us from other similar sites. Although very slow to load speeds of internet connections have improved greatly, it is very uncomfortable having to wait more than 10 seconds to load each page, your content must be really valuable to visitors who do not mind lot. Excessive web publications showed a self-sustainable project should have advertising space for their funding, that’s for sure, but you must be careful not bother to read back your content by excessive exposure to banner and / or Ads. There are always non-intrusive and effective ways to present your advertising. A design for higher resolutions of monitor There are a number of sites that are perfectly in the resolution of 1280 780, but do not have the same result in resolutions of 1024 768, either by using decorative fonts too large, images that are deployed from one extreme to another monitor, because they can not be seen Full graphic design advantages, etc. It’s always good to make sure that our site has maximum visual balance between the various possible screen resolutions of our users. Few original content Insofar as your visitors start to notice that most of your content is from external sources, chose to visit those sites first, displacing your site of your choice. We must ensure that the largest share of content is original, this will give us greater brand identity of the site and increase user loyalty.

Presence of too many unnecessary items Many sites present in their contents too many unnecessary or distracting elements of the main purpose of it, such as animations unnecessary, meaningless surveys, etc. A bad redesign launch a redesign of our site is not something we take lightly, abruptly changing the composition, graphic design and functionality of the old site, we must be careful not to make the user feel they’re entering a completely new site , we must respecting the browsing experience developed by them. There are also other obvious reasons a variety of possible causes that do not need no explanations, such as heavy and unnecessary use “intros” flash colors irritating inappropriate design of the font sizes and low contrast with the background content(poorly written, old, too short, etc.

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