Bank Maintenance

For example, if we have a payroll debit, we can look at all the accounts payroll. What is more common that we offer by opening a payroll account is a gift, but there are also entities that offer return a percentage of the paid receipts or even profitability for the money in the account. In the same way, there are accounts for youth with better conditions, generally do not charge commissions and they tend to be for holders aged between 14 and 26 years old. There are also savings accounts, which offer remuneration to our savings, but these do not usually allow many current operations on the account. Commissions other concept that we must study with magnifying glass when you open an account are the commissions that we will charge for performing any type of movements with our money.

Credit institutions are free to set their fees and expenses minimum provided that respond to services actually provided. These amounts shall constitute the cost of the account. The most common committees are: of administration and maintenance: the maintenance Committee is the compensation for the services rendered by the Bank as the maintenance of the balance, payment receipts, etc. Administration shall be the equivalent in case of operations that come out of the ordinary and are additional to covers by the Committee on maintenance. Many institutions offer management and maintenance of 0, but not all commissions and it is important to check it, because but, every month, every six months, every year or every motion that generates in the account, we will collect a few euros, that will bother anyone. But what is worse, is that if we do not have money in the account, are charged equally (without that we have in mind that this collection comes to us) and generates an overdraft which often leads to significant anger.

Commission for payment of checks and transfers: this Commission is levied in most entities, but in some accounts, we can obtain special prices to make transfers via the Internet. Postage: the entity can load us the generated mail costs, is good to know, and in case that does not want to deal with it, we can ask the mail via the Internet, which usually offer all entities free of charge. Information about fees and expenses minimum must be, in any case, to its customers in each of its offices and on the Internet, if it offers banking operations in this way. The Bank of Spain also publishes on its web entities rates brochures. Creating an account is a process without much causality, it is the first step to dealing with a bank. But basically it is more important than it seems, since the entity that we choose to open an account, debit our income and payments, will be which will affect us more in day to day and the bridge when hiring other products with the same entity. The bank account is usually the beginning of a long and lasting relationship.

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