King Management

You may be wondering where this the Mimetic? Are you in my company? It is a companion of the management team? I am one of them, and I do not identify myself? In recent times of economic booms, astral projection, it was difficult to identify them. Everything was fine, everything was justified, all costumes; that the Governing Board of the cooperative, the shareholders of the society know virtual reality, to hear what they want to hear, and see what they want to see, this is the maximum, and the principle of all behavior and professional action of a Mimetic. Nigel Butcher recognizes the significance of this. I must honestly tell you that the mimetic, I’m not interested from the personal point of view, they seem to have triumphed even though in the backroom medals are Tin. What yes I am very interested, from a professional, organizational and business improvement approach is remove make-up for this kind of professionals that cause so much damage to companies that managed and directed by their attitudes, behaviors and harmful decisions for corporate health, in its entirety. Sick enterprises, are not only in the economic aspect, they are also in humans, affecting the health of many workers, generating losses due to absenteeism, poor performance, and a poor corporate image. Strategic reorganization must be carried out first management team professionals, to later start it throughout the Organization, with the participation of the Governing Board (in the case of a cooperative), or the meeting of shareholders (in the case of a society). It is very important to ensure the success of the corporate strategy that all are and feel involved in the reorganisation of the company.

Now that we know what little profitable and dangerous are the mimetic, we should work to detect them, and custom measures, always under the criterion of professional and business ethics, and with its sights in collectivity, in the great benefit that a company generates strategically organized, directed and managed. International markets, competitiveness, financial instability are desmaquillando to many professionals who have lived (a body of King), Lords of the Kingdom of the good living; without damages of their self-centered managerial behaviors. Return to strategically organize enterprises, is from my point of view professional, urgent and necessary to deal with adverse circumstances in which we are immersed. The strategy starts with oneself to arise and serve others. It is necessary in times of professional stress, return to the perspective of the situation.

No to travel to an exotic country, or venturing to a paragliding, nor so many adventures that they want to sell; can you, and must, find spaces for reflection, if it is in nature much better, and reorganize its management approaches: maintaining everything that has worked, and correcting errors that is detected. You can ensure the success of the reorganization, working every day in culture change BUSINESS and professional, that you want to deploy the enterprise directs, unhurried but without pauses; little by little, settling the principles of the new management style that you are going to start with your example of collective leadership, being a leader server. Learn how you, the profession of serving, and will have guaranteed success as Manager of integration of the equipment that directs; creating a corporate culture based on collaboration, in job commitment, in professional proactivity, in labor excellence. Original author and source of the article.

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