Bayerische Landesbank

Michael Oehme, CapitalPR AG: A kind of Security Fund will protect European savers from restrictions, should be reading is banks once more. St. Gallen, 06.01.2014. But the security is deceptive. And pay any savings account owners she does eventually. The number should be even melt on the tongue: the European Union in the financial market crisis in the banking sector has pumped 1.6 trillion euros.

Thus, Europe’s banks are still from cleaned up, many have still great need to get rid of non-performing loans. And so some banks in Spain, Greece, Italy, to mention only a few examples, is still on a rehabilitation course. Usually more or less right, because in those countries the economy stagnates. But also in Germany, the a or other Bank was still tilted,”explains Michael Oehme, consultant at CapitalPR AG in St. Gallen. For example, Commerzbank, Dresdner Bank and ultimately the Bayerische Landesbank, to name only a few examples, simply giving credit of forcibly nationalized Hypo Alpe Adria over 400 million euros had to write off a small part of total outstanding receivables amounting to 2.3 billion euros. Although these banks stabilize currently, because the German economy hums, but off the hook they are banks not long”, so Oehme.

Is the question who is this rehabilitation course at all? The answer is obvious: even Chancellor Merkel has taken billions in hand to support the German banks. The money every citizen who has Federal so that how it’s helped that the banking system in Germany is thus preserved, his part is of course to tax revenues”, so the consultant. This conclusion should be now, a pan-European decision. But it seems actually more likely to weigh the European citizens into a false sense of security against the background of reality. So the owners of the banks if the angular misalignment will be used in future first, then the creditors and only then the savers from a savings of 100,000 Euro upwards. To support this situation, a fund should be established, which will have a capacity of 55 billion euros in ten years. So far the facts. And now the reality, because it is the proposal from our point of view a perfectly shaped sham,”Oehme. To an amount of EUR 55 billion given by 1.6 trillion – and this was only in ten years – a proverbial drop in the bucket. On the other hand, each Bank have already the possibility to sue the owners first and then to ask creditors for debt relief. This has not even begin enough but in times of the financial crisis”, said Oehme. Almost cynical he finds that wealthy is classified as, who leads more than 100,000 euros to the account of a bank. Particularly against the background of declining years pensions. What’s that about? Frankly, nothing has changed on the problems. What is tossed the savers, is a goody, everything is good. Is misunderstood in doing so, that the banks will try to finance the construction of the Security Fund allocations. Europe Kontenbesitzer and savers should adapt so quickly to new cost increases.

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