Commemorative Coins

Since the euro's introduction in 2002, must include also the small state of San Marino issue its own euro coins. And this right is also used in addition to the coin of 1 cent to 2 euro, San Marino can spend annually several commemorative coins. So the small state located in Italy were in the first two-year silver coins on the occasion of the European Monetary Union and the euro adoption from. The coins of 5 – and 10 euros were sold in a limited edition to 37,000 copies Zweieretui and 11 from Issued in October 2002. Nearly a month later, more precisely, 6 November 2002 appeared the 20 – and 50 Euro coins, consisting of 900 gold, for the 1600th Anniversary of the city Revenna.

Also these two coins, there were only set to buy. The following year, 2003, there were again two silver and two gold coins. This time on the subject in 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens or the 700th Anniversary of the "Cappella degli Scrovegni. In addition, there were in 2003 still a 5 Euro coin to the 1700-year anniversary of the Republic of San Marino. This total of 70,000 coins were all but only in the official coin set containing the same year. Since 2004, each euro country other than the "normal" 2 coins for circulation may also spend another 2 commemorative coin per year. San Marino took advantage of this opportunity in the first year of this scheme, namely in 2004, and issued a 2 coin to commemorate the numismatist Bartolomeo Borghesi. Even in the years 2005 and 2006 participated San Marino coins at this series with 2 coins for the International Year of Physics (2005) and the 500th Death of Christopher Columbus (2006). In addition, San Marino can still characterize the known annual silver and gold commemorative coins.

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