Community Manager Public

The boom of social networks online, the incursion of organizations of any kind in these, the management of image and branding in virtual environments, and horizontal and direct communication with the public in social media, has demanded the presence of a figure that assumes these responsibilities, the community manager or Community Manager. Since it is a topic that the date is in full debate and a variety of opinions and positions in a fragmented speech, this document aims at structuring a dissertation as exhaustive as possible about this profile, from a revision to the existing literature, and which in turn provide answers to the concernsjust natural, arising around it. The corporate website to social media initially is noted, the term organization is not only used as a synonym for company, but it also includes entities without spirit of profit, NGO, supranational institutions, multinational corporations and even public figures to government entities, (singers, writers, actors, political) As says German Radillo (Mexico, 2010) until the end of the 1990s organizations that migrated to the Internet were not aware of the online conversations their public carrying out (or who were leading them, the influencers), i.e., not listened to them. The advent of Web 2.0 and the explosion of social media on the Internet as a tool for communication between people, attracted the interest of companies. The Association Spanish of responsible of communities Online a AERCO (2009), says that the share of Internet consumption continues to grow, but the error of this measurement is that the Internet is not a medium plus. It is an infrastructure on which to build media, or seen in another way, as stated by Jessica Judex (2010) the Agency UM (Colombia), as well as eight or ten years ago it was essential for a business to have a website, today is it having an active role in a social network.

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