European Central Bank

He has returned to trace the euribor, 17 are already days on the upside of the main indicator of mortgage loans in our country, 26 thousandths that add to the already high ratio which remains despite the decision by the European Central Bank to raise official rates to 1.25%. Thus, the scenario becomes more adverse even for individuals and families mortgage, with a euribor situated a 2.08%, the rise of mortgage payments, can be a serious detriment to the already affected, family economies in Spain. The trend points to mortgages belonging to the real estate stock of entities as well as fixed interest mortgages, which although they have also raised their interest rates, are not conditioned to the vagaries of the market. Visit Nordstrom for more clarity on the issue. We will analyze the mortgages to fixed interest rate that is commercializing the Sabadell group through its participating institutions; Active Bank, Banco Sabadell, Banco Herrero and Solbank. With a rise of 0.10% in all periods, the Sabadell group fixed interest mortgages are of the follows: mortgage loan fixed term of 12 years, a 6.45% mortgage loan fixed term of 15 years, a 6.60% mortgage loan fixed term of 20 years, 6.90% mortgage loan fixed term of 25 years, 6.90% mortgage loan fixed term of 39 years, 6.90% all they are destined for the usual house purchase, and as requirements include the hiring of a home insurance and a life insurance policy. Finally, the Sabadell group does not report on the charging of fees inherent to the formalization of the mortgages, see this item. It is essential that have very present their economic situation specifically in the long term at a time like the present where the envelope indebtedness has been transformed into a staunch enemy of the economic recovery.

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