It clarifies your expectations. Nobody is fortune teller nor able to read the other people’s thought, that says to be able to make it the word regularly magical or wizard precedes to his name (without eagerness to offend to whom they exert these offices, clearly). Then if the rest of us does not read the thought nor is fortune teller, because we hoped or we give by cause that the other people we know what we want or we wished, which likes and what we do not like? To clarify in time what we hoped of others in each situation is going to us to save serious headaches. 5. It demonstrates personal integrity. Honesty, being of a single piece, not to speak badly of the absentees is of the characteristics to which he makes Covey reference in this part. To do opposite, to speak a companion behind the back of trying to be well with another will only make us lose the confidence of the second, for example.

6.Disclpate sincerely. When we commit a lack, an error or an offense without intention is most important to know how to apologise or to offer excuses of opportune form. Not to do gives rise it to understood bad resentments and. It is important to repay, of honest and sincere form the evil done. This, although nonflock our error, yes repairs part of the damage and prepares the land to continue paying, or as Covey would say, to continue depositing in the emotional banking account. Concluding. What so well you know your pair? You know its tastes and preferences? You put attention to the small things? or to you it becomes easy to be inconsiderado/a, not to listen or to be grosero/a? Beams promises lightly? Manifest of clear and explicit form what delays of l/ella in certain situation (explanation of rolls and functions)? You are of a single piece? You know disculparte when you offend or you commit errors? And mainly You pay of constant form to your emotional banking account? Original author and source of the article.

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