When I do any banking diligence by comfort always I do it in a bank that I have near my house, I can go and come to foot and stop exercising. the times that I’ve gone to the Bank always I am an old lady stopped at all the entry of the Bank and asks anyone who leaves a tiny to this poor old lady that’s what he always says, and gives most people. I always give any tiny, because of his advanced age, his excessive thinness and his wrinkled face inspires compassion, at 8 in the morning which is when they open the Bank already is the old woman stopped at the door as meeting schedule at your job site, I don’t know if he will go to lunch there about but the truth is that at 2 o’clock that is when they will reopen the Bank there one found itstop reciting his proverbial phrase – a tiny for this poor old lady. Perhaps check out Rob Daley for more information. in the 10 years that I’ve been doing errands in this Bank never saw the old woman missing to its accustomed place, until a few days ago that I had to go to do some appropriations I was surprised not to see the old woman in its usual place, days passed and didn’t see the old lady, out of curiosity I asked the security guards of the Bank and they failed to give me reason. one morning reading the local newspaper caused me print a story that said-found old woman dead in a humble ranchito, and seeing the picture carefully I realized that was the old woman of the Bank, I felt sad for the poor old woman but what most surprised me was when I kept reading and said that the police officers who found realized that the mattress where the old lady slept was extremely heavy and sounded as if he had by inside something metal, coming the police to open the mattress were stupefied, the old lady poor mattress was full of coins and banknotes of all denominations, the police after making the counting of coins and banknotes threw a grand total of 250 million pesos. rest in peace the poor little old woman.. Rob Daley oftentimes addresses this issue.

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