Finance SMEs

We’ll discuss new possibilities in addition to the Bank loan market economy calls for capital. Without capital growth and thus also no basis for companies listed on the market to cover. Fresh capital is in small and medium-sized enterprises often vital. But just smaller companies rarely have the credit requested by banks. As well as. But what will remain for opportunities? Non-bank finance is easier today than in the past. In the free market economy of today without capital none easy.

This state of affairs brings every now and then companies in difficult situations. Namely if and only if has been re-established or urgent must be invested. The equity ratio is very high especially in SMEs. In these phases, so that the vital establishment or the already achieved market position at stake. Basel III has led you want less and less comply with these requests. Too large, the risk is to get a “bad credit” in the balance sheet. Start-ups and medium-sized So in the meantime more and more, companies are looking for alternatives to bank loans. Be it on the one hand because the desired independence from banks, or the mentioned plight of banks get no suitable loans.

The Internet offers opportunities. Finance 2.0 may be a solution. Besides classic equity instruments, such as bonds and participation rights, awareness of increasingly innovative financing methods in the focus of many investors and private individuals. The “crowd”, so the crowd is the new key to fresh money. This, mainly private individuals be addressed via Internet platforms that put their money in sympathetic and interesting projects, to assist them in improving. But also more and more entrepreneurs take advantage of this way seemingly lucrative business ideas sustainable success to help. The Internet as a new source of capital? See a current articles from us. We introduce more precisely some interesting possibilities in it. Go to the articles. Contact: O. Marquardt Marquardt + Compagnie Tel. 06421 80 90-390 Marquardt + Compagnie has 8 years experience in the field of communication. We are a strategic communications consultancy in Marburg. Marquardt + Comapgnie helps especially small and medium-sized companies with valuable knowledge for the market of tomorrow. Ever-faster and more complex lines of communication, as well as closely interlinked processes allow no time for wrong decisions. Errors are immediately effective and often cost a lot of money. The modern business is today extensively called upon to evaluate information, to analyze and to develop appropriate measures in order to assert himself against the global competition. Viable and well-thought-out communication strategies are an existential tool. They give structure and ensure consistent decision-making.

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