Financial Resu

The formation and use of financial resources is closely linked to the level and dynamics of income, the solution of social problems. Influencing the level and composition of household consumption through specific financial practices, the state has a regulating effect on the level of his income. Among these methods, the main ones are, first of all, the methods of creating and using centralized resources of the state, necessary to ensure the conditions for the reproduction of labor, of the content of disabled members of society and to provide various types of eco-tion to the population. Financial and credit system has impact on income levels, firstly, through specific financial and credit practices through the implementation of spec-analytic functions of control over the payment of wages, savings and insurance schemes population, etc., and secondly, using the tools of financial and credit system through the redistribution of accumulated income. In these cases, the financial authorities are directly involved in the drafting of documents, normalizing procedure, the procedure and the level of exposure to various forms of income. The most common form of the impact of the financial and credit system for income is government funding for cash payments needs that have national importance and are guaranteed by the Constitution. Source to meet those needs can be extremely general state budget (Expenditures on education, health, culture, social welfare and social insurance), and there are needs, which by means of national being met in part (valuation-tion)).

An important component of the financial statistics and accounting can be a financial resource directory. These include requirements related to recreation and health, as well as some torye-needs housing and communal services, etc. There are needs, which satisfies the expense of non-centralized special funds generated from the businesses and organizations or the workers themselves and the public. In the transition to a market of increasing importance takes direction needs.

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