Grid Tournament

That way, the model in the women's tour – probably the week or four days starting on the main grid tournament in men's tennis – two a week, a junior – in the main two week or so and almost all ask the question, for all might need? Since all be up all orders on the day entries for the tournament, though quite often practiced in domestic competitions. But such a system violates player's advantage to select a tournament in which he would like to participate. Apart from this, probably limits the ability of the instigators of advertising according to the tournament. Since the meditators, for what is fun, must be in charge, who takes part in it, otherwise they will not entice the tournament, and probably inevitably lead to a loss of charitable enthusiasm and withdrawal. Such a way, is there a system maintains a balance of interests in the triangle of the investor – Coordinator – contemplative. A list of tournament Finally, afterward receiving orders (only in written form) from investors, the instigators to form a list of the tournament. The initial act that way for this is called FACT SHEET (Precedent sheet) that specifies the format of the tournament (the number of investors in the main grid and in the qualifying tournament).

The precedent created by long list of events and the source of the deadline for orders. The format of grids is depending on the abilities of the club, which is the tournament size tennis courts, tarry for, etc. As in fact placed in the list of investors? Only rated according to the episode complete submission of orders. Probably the main principle of forming the list and tournament coordinator or Wotan does not have the right to disdain them. (Style is a nelyubitelskih tournaments). The truth, of course coordinator has the advantage of up to promote consistent tournament to the list of interest to investors.

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