Franchisers Helen Doron

Franchisee of Helen Doron can now offer on their classroom sites, the so-called learning centers, teen English. Hamburg, October 06th, 2011. The global private franchise education Helen Doron in Germany, teen English now introduces its new program number Helen Doron. Helen Doron especially for English courses for children is known. The English teen English program is specially designed for young people between 13 and 18 years of age and includes English courses and learning materials.

Franchisee of Helen Doron can now offer on their classroom sites, the so-called learning centers, teen English. With Helen Doron early English and Helen Doron teen English, the Helen Doron Group offers its franchisees now a comprehensive courses for children and teenagers aged from three months to 18 years. The teaching model was developed by the English linguist Helen Doron and is scientifically recognised as for example Wikipedia. It is based on the idea, similar to how the mother tongue to learn English and sets Accordingly on active, playful appealing learning methods. The focus of language education, frequent repeating of the words and sounds are available as well as praise and encouraging the students. Offering new learning for teenagers, franchise partner Helen Doron and teachers to expand their target audience and their courses. When Helen Doron teen English young students learn English using examples from their everyday world. Together with qualified instructors young people deal Doron students from around the world with English-language pop songs and TV shows and chat on Facebook with Helen.

These are new challenges for some teachers. Helen Doron therefore its franchise partners and teachers offered a training course to qualify also for the teen-English lessons. Information, see franchisees under. Helen Doron Early English together with the extended offer of Helen Doron offers teen English franchise partners in Germany the possibility of professional autonomy at low entrepreneurial risk. Who would like to become self-employed as newcomers with the franchise model of Helen Doron, expect good career opportunities.

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