Get Out Of Debt!

If the account is deep in the minus professionals help despite a largely positive economic development in Germany and many people still in the private insolvency slip an upturn on the labour market. The situation has not eased, says Matthias Klusmann in Rodgau of our newspaper. 9.4 percent of all Germans are over-indebted. In the city of Offenbach the number of indebted people, have risen as the Agency Creditreform reported, 2011 in comparison to the previous year to 920 on good 23 190 patients. The fate of the insolvency comes to people due to a divorce, illness or unemployment. In Rodgau and Dreieich, he has now opened hotlines for the Schuldner Hessen e.V.

( He is”responsible for southern Hesse, explains Klusmann, who is also Vice President of the federal independent Schuldner consultants Association. So far, the Club was founded in 1999 has offices in Kassel, Fulda, Gelnhausen. We open paths private debtors and business people, as quickly as possible and come out above all while avoiding a bankruptcy debt”, reports Klusmann. A bankruptcy is only the last step.” Klusmann Hesse refers to the extremely successful work of debt assistance.

“” “He quoted from a letter written by the Federal Ministry of Justice in May 2011 to the Chairman of the Association, Michael Menzel, therefore: you get in the debt adjustment procedure an impressive success rate.” we try practically as debt wegmachen “everything, so that the debtor does not even come into insolvency,” Klusmann said. And with proven success”. The spectrum of clients of the pupil, who was due to their phones in the debt up to the million debtor, rich Klusmann said. It includes individuals and self-employed. It gives the banks at least partly to blame in the situation of a number of interested parties. For smaller loans they would not so look carefully. It makes it easy to to the people”criticized the skilled person. In contrast to public consultation, the Club offers the According to the legal services act advises its members, immediate appointments and the immediate commencement of debt adjustment proceedings. There is no waiting period. A first personal conversation (06106-2684414) is always free of charge and without obligation. The costs are then in no relation to the debt reduction and max. 8 monthly rates exceed a 150 in addition to the membership fee analog to the progress of the procedure. Klusmann looks in both debt cleanup procedures, court or out of court, an elegant”alternative to bankruptcy. Finally, an over-indebted citizen in this case good behavior during stand six years under the supervision of a trustee.

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