Microsoft makes the LINTRA Magdeburg companies in high-tech initiative on Magdeburg, 05 August 2009 Microsoft is aware of the Magdeburg high-tech company and cooperates with the LINTRA within a high-tech initiative. As one of fewer than 30 companies in all over Germany the Saxons Anhaltinische receives company professional assistance from the software giant. Do something.”this thought also the LINTRA GmbH in Magdeburg and specialized on the transparent and intelligent presentation of all processes in the company. The flagship of its solutions the QUAM Prize economy Otto in the year 2006 for innovative products and services in Saxony-Anhalt. “Since SharePoint from the Microsoft family to the most fastest wake sensten innovations is the LINTRA is an expert in dealing with this technology, took the software giant the Magdeburg company in its high-tech initiative take what.” on. Thus the LINTRA is one of the 29 selected companies in whole Germany and only company in Saxony-Anhalt, the in Marketing and further developing their Microsoft products is maintained.

The young and innovative team of the LINTRA developed software processes to form structures and management systems of companies. The goal is collaboration, to simplify communication and information structure in enterprises of all kinds through corporate and national borders. Microsoft is convinced of the progressiveness of this software and wants to promote its development. Currently, the LINTRA serves more than 100 customers in particular in industry, in hospitals, in the utilities sector but also in associations and workshops for people with disabilities. With 26 employees, she supplied international companies up to the Magna plants in Mexico. Also the cooperation with companies from the region such as FAM, SWM, MWG and IFA is intense. Also the mouthpiece of the IT industry, the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media e.V. (BITKOM), one of the customers of the LINTRA. By the inclusion in the high-tech initiative by Microsoft is arising for LINTRA “additional opportunities to expand the product range”, explains managing director Lars Bendler and says: with Microsoft, we have a partner, through which we will expand the possibilities as well as the penetration of our solutions in the market. “

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