And if among them What is a conflict, then they decide to civilized methods, where the latter is the supreme measure of arbitration. But in any case through forums. And the forums gossiped with each other intermediaries and speculators. Let's look at the root of the problem. Why did between them periodically disagreements? It is very simple – to blame the money, or rather greed. Now try to explain.

How does the middleman? At first, he probes the market, then finds a buyer, then looking for the money. This is either a prepayment or credit, or your own. If not found, then the provider is trying to dilute the supply of lumber with deferred payment. Camouflage is usually the need of acceptance. When he negotiates it, then start to engage firmly lumber. Ie sits on the phone or computer and starts to shake Translator all firms of this profile are found. First he tries to arrange to large producers (timber, doses, etc.), but these companies already have orders, they received an advance payment, the price they have very high etc. Most often, middlemen to negotiate with them does not work.

And make it feel like What does he do next? Ring up small production (shops, frames, etc.) here and like the normal price, and order no. But Large volume of these small production is unable to give. I know from personal experience, a sawmill in 1963 with mnogopilom ( ordinary Russian reality) for a maximum monthly car can make.

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