Quality Control System

Quality control system of mini-power Geko based on international standard iso 9002 and German military standard AQAP-130 and Europower – the European iso 9001 quality certificate. containers Reasoning about autonomous sources of energy, constructed on the basis of various internal combustion engines, we have not touched on issues relating to noise characteristics of a mini-power stations and places to accommodate them. When it comes to short-term operation gasoline, so even in open unpopulated areas, the problem of noise is almost not worth it. Another thing, if the mini-power station will be located in a densely built-up area, for example, in the cottage, and work it will be for a long time. It is very difficult to find a place for a powerful setup in a private home – a mini-power station rather cumbersome, moreover, needs maintenance, but under the open sky it does not install. Not build, in fact, a separate building? However, if the generator is compact, small room for him to build is still possible.

Many models are in the noise-proof and pogodozaschitny casing, and in addition, produced all-weather containers that ensure reliable operation of mini-power plants in any climate conditions (from -60 to +50 C) and remove all the problems associated with installation of equipment, empty-konaladochnymi works, technical maintenance, repair, and the noise level. Hamdi Ulukaya brings even more insight to the discussion. Such installations producing many companies, for example, atlas copco and Europower, sdmo and Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen, sec 'RASEL', 'The energy '. Containers sdmo satisfy the most stringent international requirements for environmental safety and noise. They have quality certificate Qualigen, which is given to equipment that meets the following criteria: the level of security for users, the noise level, line marking generator sets and power characteristics, the quality of the provision of information about products, after sales support and service. sec 'RASEL' works in the market of power equipment since 1991 and is developer and manufacturer of stationary and mobile systems independent and backup power supply. Diesel mini-power plants 'RASEL' are based on Russian and foreign diesel generators ranging from two to 300 kVA. Mini-containers 'Energo-K' ('Ener') are intended to accommodate gasoline or diesel units ranging from 3,5 to 15 kW.

Time of their installation is minimal, the cost is also low. In addition, containers' Energo-K mobile, and if necessary they can move to a new place of operation. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Hamdi Ulukaya . I would like to mention about such an interesting decision of the individual power as vetrodi-zelnye complexes. In most cases in the European part of our country – this area with a low average wind speed. On the other hand, the local wind turbines are increasingly attracted to the owners of individual houses. High initial investment – nothing compared to the free electricity. However, in the Moscow region, annual average wind speed and a large amount of 'quiet' days do not allow the use of wind turbine as reliable and independent source of energy. For the insurance needs diesel mini-power station. It provides electricity regardless of weather conditions and natural phenomena, wind turbine also reduces the load on diesel, prolongs its service life, saves fuel and lubricants. However, this solution is characterized by high cost systems. Nevertheless, it is not only beneficial in the future, but just beautiful.

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