Great Depression

At moments of international instability the only answers that the public in general wants to see to leave the mouth of an economist are when the crisis of subprime American goes to finish and as. Unhappyly they are the only ones that we cannot answer. The economist John Kenneth certain Galbraith time said that ' ' the only function of the economic forecasts is to confer to the astrology an appearance respeitvel' '. It is sad, but ace times seems the pure truth. Galbraith not was the first one nor will be the last economist to recognize the fallibity of the attempts to foresee the occurrence of inflection points. To foresee the end of the current crisis is still more difficult because it will depend on the speed and the efficiency with which the governments will answer to the crisis in the banking system. Many investors continue if to worry about the insolvency of the biggest financial institutions of the world, although Washington to have guaranteed that these companies make use of enough capital.

The diagnosis and the solution offered by the leaders politicians to the banks they will be basic. Analysts say that maken a mistake and erratic answers of government exacerbaram ' ' decade perdida' ' in the Japan of 90 years and also the Great Depression of years 30. Unhappyly tools do not exist to identify the deep one of the well in U.S.A. before the world all really arrives at it. Exactly thus, some American pointers deserve attention: Market of aesA history sample that the action market costuma to arrive at the deep one of the well before the economy. In October, Warren E. Buffett, one of the well-succeeded investors more of the world, said that it was buying American actions because they recover ' ' well before the astral of the population and economia' '.

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