Russian Roads

We often complain that the roads in Russia are bad and not furnished. And how should we build a good road? It is clear that in different regions has its own nuances: somewhere more bridges, somewhere above the mound, where some more points services, etc. Therefore, we take the average value of two-lane road. Average cost per kilometer of two lane roads in Russia, today, is about 400 million rubles, which is 2-3 times higher than in European countries. This difference in cost is due not only to the fact that in Europe milder climatic conditions, and it gives a slight advantage in the construction of roads, but also the fact that in Europe for several decades, used in the construction of highways geosynthetics materials. What is the present geosynthetics? Geosynthetics – a polymer materials, designed to change the natural properties of soils. Modified as tended to regard the filtration properties of soil (usually produced a decrease of the filtration coefficient is too loose soil), or its strength.

That is their application to optimize economic costs and ensure high quality of the road. The cost of roads in Russia: Road conventional ( road) – 100-200 mln. Motorway – up to 400 million rubles. Highway – 600-800 mln.

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