The Institution

The alteration is still distinguished suffered in the year from 2008 that it implanted ' ' DNA' ' of the institution, that is disciplines offered for diverse courses, as Portuguese, that it would have summary and standardized horria load and would have equivalence enters the diverse courses of the UPF. The Period of training Supervised, according to Pepper (2008), contributes for the professional formation, allowing that the academic is front to the teaching work, evaluating, reflecting, planning and carrying through as much other pertaining tasks to the faculty. In this way, the author, emphasizes that the formation of the professor must be constituted from the solid theoretical formation, having the research as component essential in the formation. In this way, she is through the period of training that the future professor acquires knowledge itself that its performance goes beyond what to reproduce information, being responsible for the formation human being by means of contents and abilities, of the thought and the action, what results in ethical choices, values and commitments. Therefore, the supervised period of training &#039 is a moment; ' especial' ' for the formation of the professor of physical education, therefore it is the stage to correct possible errors committed in the docncia, being placed the probationary front the front with the reality of the pertaining to school environment. In this way, we will have innovative professors and without perspectives to repeat the old refres, then, the professors will have, through a good work, to display for all the importance of this disciplines, where the objective is not only to teach to serve or to block, to touch or to finish, for example, but yes, to improve abilities of interpersonal relationship, to stimulate hygiene habits, to guide the due rules of the game, therefore, if when playing educating respects the rules, in the conviviality of the society it will know to respect laws, and, thus, justice, the tolerance, and generosity will be party to suit of construction of educating and stops as much, contributing for a society more honest joust and.

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