Solid Wood Table With Traces Of Life

Recycling of solid wood in combination with modern stainless steel, solid wood table as a constant in your living space in recent years had become it quiet the solid wood table to him. Whether this was due to the sudden emergence of discount furniture stores, or the cracked image of furniture a la oak rustic “, is not exactly to call.” But one is currently intended: the solid wood table is demand like never before. And experiencing a kind of Renaissance. But this time in the chic design whether classic or modern. “These tables demonstrate that it sovereign the leap into the present” made and is thus one of the top places on the popularity of the Germans of who have earned. A multi-faceted range of exclusive and high-quality solid wood table can be found on the page This company was founded in 2009 one of the largest exhibitors for rattan and woven furniture in Germany with its branch office in Troisdorf by Rattanshop24.

Tischfabrik24 so continues a decades-long success story in terms of international furniture sales to and draws from this experience and expertise. But in terms of Tischfabrik24 of his big sister is on product quality, customer focus and service performance, “in anything. On the modern Internet pages, the customers expect solid wood table in a wide variety of designs, colors and wood species. These include classic oak, high-quality walnut, teak wood. At almost every table, the customer has the choice between different-colored paints, with even more exclusive types of wood colour can be modeled after.

But even with the size of absolute freedom of choice is left the customers. Because the products on, are handmade exclusively in German and Dutch workshops, so that individual wishes regarding size or color can be realized. This solid wood table are therefore in no way tables out of the box “, but are manufactured according to the ordering details or special requests of the customers.” on its newest product line is particularly proud: a massive wood panels from old and recycled oak, or old teak wood, which formerly served as lumber, is combined with a brushed stainless steel base. This creates a tension between old and new and nature and technology that makes these tables to a real highlight. I.e. the matching furniture, sideboards, cabinets, benches and coffee tables, there are also included in to order. Then delivered to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where the majority of customers. The delivery is included in the service package in the apartment, the unpacking and assembling the solid wood table with a two-man team. And even the disposal of packaging materials is for you. You can find further care and cleaning tips on the subject of solid wood table, also on the website: so the new piece is guaranteed still long so beautiful looks like on the first day. You have opted for a table, but not sure what type of wood or paint them himself should opt for? Here too, offers a convenient service, and mailed wood patterns for each solid wood table on request. You could test at home in peace and quiet, what fits best for you or your organisation. One thing is certain: a solid wood table is not only incredibly robust and stable, and is thus almost a lifetime, but is an absolute eye-catcher in every apartment also through the new and fashionable design and design possibilities. “Just based on the motto: a small piece of nature and a large piece of quality.

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