As background underlies some very widespread myths: I Bank it me, men don’t cry, I’m very suffered, I’m not complaining, but already I’m going to pass the Bill, revenge is the pleasure of the gods. 2) The complaint transformed in order at this point the situation is decompressed. Expressed anger, discontent, sadness. There were listening and understanding without censorship. Everyone had their opportunity to manifest itself in a climate of freedom and tolerance. It is important that nobody save is his point of view. Now is a good time to transform the complaint in order.

This implies an attitudinal change and a runout. For what I need I must move on to include another which asked. Pass the lament to request is a change, a transformation. I decode what I wish and enunciating it clearly as order to another. It’s believed that Western Union sees a great future in this idea. This second time it prevents the usual epithets of Pedigueno, plaintiff, demanding, Disconforme, Reivindicativa, Pretencioso, etc. Game mode, opens a request where to express what I need, what I want, what perhaps I can ask or I dare not ask. Slogan: Come and ask.

Count your needs. Say what you want. Think about what is missing and would like to have. The other does not know their hopes, tastes and shortcomings, if you do not set forth them. We have the right to petition, both peers and authorities. On the communicational level We are going to listen to the word myself, but now are added others, others who ask, individuals, groups or organizations which interpelo. I pray to you that… To me I would like that in this group… It would be nice that in this company. Continuing with the example of the study group that is self-managed and hired a teacher of languages, in this second time is requested: more action, fun and enjoyable learning, sweat shirt. Resistance to the order: sometimes hard to recognize and express the needs and deficiencies.

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