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Laminating Materials

The term comes from the English lamination laminate, meaning to cover the paper with a protective layer of the film. His appearance lamination shall, on the one hand, the need to protect printed materials and documents from damage to the other – the achievements of industry, offer a suitable material – film laminating and lamination […]

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Cleaning Work

Natural product of any meaningful human activity is a dirt and debris. With respect to any construction or repair of this rule is in the square. What happens is not only littered with construction site after completion of construction or facility after repair. Little, they are not littered. Cement dust, spray paint, glue, foam, broken […]

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Marker Edding

Edding one of the leading manufacturers of products for labeling – markers. Edding markers produces virtually all types of surfaces: industrial markers, pigment markers, markers for cd, markers for the enamel boards, varnished and decorative markers, markers of tissue markers for windows, permanent markers, markers for skin (surgical), X-rays, underwear, tires, navigational markers, a marker […]

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