Marker Edding

Edding one of the leading manufacturers of products for labeling – markers. Edding markers produces virtually all types of surfaces: industrial markers, pigment markers, markers for cd, markers for the enamel boards, varnished and decorative markers, markers of tissue markers for windows, permanent markers, markers for skin (surgical), X-rays, underwear, tires, navigational markers, a marker for ultraviolet rays, an aerospace marker. Lacquered Marker Edding lacquer and decorative markers for waterproof labels, labeling, and drawing on virtually all materials. Pigment ink is almost no smell, no added toluene / xylene, dry fast, have lacquered effect and almost completely opaque. Because of these qualities are perfect for dark and transparent surfaces. They are also light-fast, not removable and heat resistant. The flow of ink is regulated valve.

Different thickness of the tip and a broad palette of colors, including metallic and white. Ink permanent marker to meet the highest requirements: fast drying, indelible, light and water resistant without the addition toluene / xylene. Permanent markers are applied to labels, labeling, and drawing on virtually all materials including metal, glass and plastic. And those other refueled and have replaceable tips.

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