About The Economic Analysis Of The Aed Right

SUMMARY: I. Introduction. – II. Definition. – III.

Budgets of the AED. – IV. Main exponents of the Institucionalista Economy (source of the main contributions of the AED). – V. Antecedent. – I SAW.

Antecedents of the AED in Peru. – VII. Academic impact and of public management in the Peruvian State. – VIII. The maximization, rationality and efficiency in the AED. – IX. Autopsy of the AED. – X. critical Appreciation. – XI. Conclusions. – XII. Suggestions. XIII. Sources of intelligence. I. INTRODUCTION. – The intention of the present work is to present the diverse aspects the AED (of British creation Common Law, that left from the analytical one and used the economy soon to apply it to the right) of little spreading in Hispano-America (it arrives to us with approx 20 years of delay), for its analysis and debates; showing to the degree of lack of understanding and rejection which it has been put under in the Peruvian state, indicating to map courses for his overcoming and boarding adapted with the object of a better understanding and agreed advantage to the present needs. Because the consensus and the discrepancies with the AED are not excuses to know and to study their contents. II. DEFINITION. – It is the application of the theories and methods of the economy to the legal system. maximization is based on triada market-efficiency under an approach cost social benefit; looking for to maximize or to make but the world resources efficient of escass of goods and services. The analysis of cost-I benefit does not imply solely the economic aspect, but the motors of the human conduct: like well-being and malaise. The AED analyzes the norm, but not in abstract, but on the basis of a social consequence. III. BUDGETS OF THE AED. – A) Methodological individualism.

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