Alfa Bank

For example, in advertising 'Polaroid' a play on multiple meanings of the word 'now' (in Russian real) that gives the slogan polyphony. In the company's slogan 'Seldom' game effect creates a properly constructed opposition. In the slogan sauce 'Heinz' deliberately distorted spelling of words, which makes the phrase more harmonious in the phonetic respect: 'Beanz meanz Heinz 'instead of' Beans means Heinz '(Beans means Heinz). Game graphical selection method used in refrigerators Zil slogan: 'Well, freeze! " Special force have the slogans, a substantial part of the content which is not expressed explicitly, and understood and, therefore, being completed by the reader. One of the most interesting rhetorical device of this type is a conditional acceptance remarks. The notion of 'conditional replica' means such a way construction of a slogan for which the phrase looks like taken out of the dialogue, sometimes in response to a question or reply to the dispute.

Here are some examples: 'We just work for you' (2×2), 'Yes, it's my bank! " (Alfa Bank), 'KRUPS and that's it' Such phrases give advertising situational understanding, make the consumer the most complete construction of the meaning that is embedded in them, they immediately immerse the consumer in the ongoing dialogue, culminating in his part. It is noteworthy that some phrases easy being completed replica of the previous dialogue. And it turns out to be a replica in favor of the advertised company or product. For example: 'What is the secret of this success channel' 2×2 '- just that we are working to You. Unfortunately, advertisers sometimes underestimate the powerful potential of these phrases, and modify them. Thus, initially a good slogan 'Alfa-Bank' has been changed in the outdoor advertising on the weaker in expressive terms – 'This is my bank '.

The word 'yes' at the beginning of the phrase gave her situational. One could easily imagine how this phrase is proud to pronounce a person examines the eye bank community. Taking the word 'yes', advertisers were removed from the phrase and a very important part of its contents. A similar example of an unfortunate change in the phrase – is to replace the slogan 'It's a Sony' (This is a 'Sony') to the phrase 'It's not a dream, it's Sony. " Expression of the first phrase, a sense of pride in the brand, which arose due to the special construction phrases and intonations. betraying the phrase, advertisers have made it more expressive in bleak terms. The above principles of a slogan intended to help advertisers find the bright, well-remembered phrase that will help maintain the reputation of the firm and its advantageous position among competing firms.

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