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The cognitiva form is strong on to the subjectivity notion, as attitudes and norms of behavior, changes of values, reciprocity and confidence. Another important distinction in the concept of capital stock is between the levels micron, meso and macro. The level micron understands the relationship between individuals and domiciles; the level meso is seen in the context of the communities, APL of companies and regions; in the level macro, the capital stock mentions the institution forms to it, such as the set of laws, the judicial system, the quality of execution of contracts (UPHOFF 2001, apud GOMES, 2011). It has evidences of that the paper of the capital stock in the process of growth and human development has grown sufficiently in the last ones years, for such, it is assumed that cooperative norms, interpersonal confidence and social connections improve the quality of the social interactions in the society, contribute for the productivity of the worker, help to reduce the transaction costs and all more than it can influence in the process of growth and economic development (UPHOFF 2001, apud GOMES, 2011). 3 CONCLUSION This subject more needs to be searched, to be deepened, in virtue of the search for a concept real concrete/of Capital stock, thus aiming at, to exterminar the arduous conflict of the divergent vises as for the Capital stock. Pparently these vises if divergem in the moving one of the agreement, but in what it refers to, its application, the final term of capital stock the same seems to be for all (confidence and cooperation), therefore in the general way aims at the economic development.

The economic development, as a question universally considered, is questioned, and related, as an imposition uniform, the society with very divergent realities. in this context the capital stock appears as a concept that can bring some hope for a balanced economic development, setting with special acuidade the local and regional development (I CASTRATE, 2004). Concept of capital stock, in accordance with Pierre Bourdieu, that in them seems to be the author who presents a more including definition and needs, will be: ‘ ‘ the aggregate of the real or potential resources, a net, more or less institutionalized, of knowledge and identifications mtuas’ ‘ (BOURDIEU, 1986 apud I CASTRATE 2004). Therefore, analyzing of a general form, in its origins the capital stock was seen as a whole, and from now on the thinkers had developed techniques that could use it in a more specific applicability, come back really for each specific reality. He perceives yourself that the majority of the current thinkers had been influenced by the initial context, and exactly they had from now on developed and they perfected its concepts and/or vises in what he says respect to capital stock.

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