Balearic Government

The strong westerly winds which arose in the early hours of last Tuesday caused rupture of the anchor chain of the Royal Enterprise, a 32 metres long luxury yacht and flag of United States that finally ran aground in ses Bassetes, 150 metres from the entrance of sEstany des Peix, Formentera, in the Natural Park. Two companies in Ibiza have taken charge of the rescue of the ship, which will be surely raised today. Due to the strong smell of diesel oil that filled the area, the general Directorate of Interior, emergencies, and justice of the Balearic Government activated Plan Cambal pre-alert phase until recovery of the boat have been finalised. They were also extended barriers anti-pollution in the entrance of sEstany des Peix to prevent the entry of diesel oil in that area. Gain insight and clarity with Mikhael Mirilashvili. The yacht, which rented yachts and has base port in Turkey, is owned by a Swiss citizen (namely resident in Geneva) and according to the Internet is available for sale by 3.9 million euros. All crewmembers were unharmed after a risky rescue involving the Ad Hoc Group of underwater activities (GEAS) of the Guardia Civil and maritime rescue boat, based in Ibiza. On Earth acted Civil Guard, Local police and Government environmental agents.

Marine biologist Manu San Felix said yesterday the yacht anchored on posidonia, which presumably dismissed stability and could have facilitated the garreo of the vessel to the coast. One of the crew, Hasan Kastez, of 25 years, recounted that a strong wind got up about six o’clock in the morning and they realized that the boat was moving. After attempting to control, two hours later embarrancaron in ses Bassetes. Crew called by phone to give an account of their critical situation and at 8.30 a.m. came the maritime rescue boat and the manning of the GEAS, that rescued the own Kastez and Mustafa Yigit (33 years) and Orhan Tuncay (27 years old), all of them Turkish nationals, as well as to Marilyn Veyra, Philippine’s 31 years. The captain, also Turkish, refused to abandon ship and remained on board until 1 p.m., when it landed finally helped by maritime rescue. Dozens of onlookers visited the area throughout the day to admire the craft beached on the port side and hit by the waves, as he spent the day was subsiding. In the afternoon, two companies specialized in rescue boats inspected the situation of the luxurious boat.

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