Japanese Government

In addition, until recently the efforts to rebuild the northeast of the country, swept by the tsunami of March 2011, had boosted domestic demand, but a year and eight months after the tragedy of the millionaire investment effects are diluted. New measures of stimulus data also reveal that increasingly less the Japanese are buying durable goods such as cars or appliances, in an environment marked by uncertainty and fear to an era of skinny cows. For many private sector economists, the Japanese economy reached its peak in spring and since then would be in a phase of depression, although the Government has not technically declared the recession. Some alarms, however, began to sound this week, when an analysis published by the Cabinet Office admitted that the economy of the archipelago may be approaching a turning point. The report, released on Tuesday, was the first time in 16 months that the Executive downgraded its assessment of the economic situation based on the composite indicators, which collect data such as production, offer of employment or sales to the retail the Japanese Government warned that if these data continue to deteriorate, valuation could lower himself again at end of year up to the level of decline, which would mean, in practice, to recognize the recession. On Monday Japan will release the data of its gross domestic product between July and September, and analysts agree that it is very likely to reflect the first contraction after the April-June of 2011, when the country was struggling to overcome the catastrophe of the tsunami and nuclear crisis of March. In this scenario, it is possible that the Bank of Japan implemented new stimulus measures before the end of a 2012 in which has already expanded its asset purchase programme, three times his main tool to inject liquidity into the system. See more: gloomy indicators of Japan give way to the threat of recession

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