Basis Advertising

The choice of recipients. The more carefully you select terms of your potential customers, the greater the impact will be of direct marketing. Appearance. By submitting print advertisements using postal services need to take care about the appearance of your information: to choose the right envelope, choose a way of drawing details These seemingly little things play a significant role: it is important that the recipient is not just received a letter, but also opened, and read it. Content. It is necessary to think carefully about what will embedded inside the envelope you have chosen. More effective direct marketing will give the existence of a cover letter in addition to brochures, leaflets or other printed advertising. Independently meet all these rules, of course, possible, but the question is, how much time and effort it will take to it, and whether or not conducted in such a way an advertising campaign to be truly effective.

To learn more kind of doubt is not sacrificed head, it makes sense to entrust the implementation of direct marketing professionals. Especially in the present company to provide postal services a lot. Therefore, for effective dissemination of their print advertising with by postal services is to decide only one issue – the right to choose a company involved in the work. Follow the rules – to be understood correctly! Print advertising, its features and functions are described in many sources. Compliance with the rules of creation of print advertising is necessary to ensure its effectiveness. This also applies to advertisements distributed by postal service. In fact any type of print advertising is in its the basis of two main components. This non-verbal and verbal series advertising message.

By nonverbal series include all kinds of pictures, images, characters and design elements that draw attention to themselves, create a certain mood print advertisements. In direct marketing widespread use of photographs, drawings, charts, graphs – all this very effectively influences the perception and memorization of the advertising information. Verbal number of advertising messages – this is actually the text that carries all the information. It consists of a header, body text, echo-phrases and slogans. The headline should be written in such a way as to attract attention. In print advertising as headings are often used questions, exclamations, statements, as these forms are encouraged to reading the main text. The main text carries the information load. It must short pass meaningful advertising. Summarizing all the above, the echo-phrase should call for action, carry a definite conclusion. As for a slogan, it is in print advertising is a creative tool for creating specific mood, image. If we talk directly about direct marketing, it is worth noting that it is designed primarily to implement two-way communication, and thus cause feedback. And in this regard literate preparation of advertising messages is especially relevant.

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